Podcast: Lloyd Axworthy On Supporting Refugees

WRMC Chair Lloyd Axworthy joined the Conference Board of Canada to discuss the global refugee system, how Canada’s generally positive political and social approach has helped our country take the lead in creating new and innovative ways to support refugees.

Bangkok Floods

Climate Migrants Can’t Wait for Global Frameworks

World Refugee & Migration Council Vice-President of Research Elizabeth Ferris wrote about the relationship between climate change and human mobility in the Wilson Quarterly. Read the full article here. “In today’s world where anti-immigrant sentiment is alive and well, where multilateral institutions are weak, where (at least in the U.S.), some reject the evidence that […]

WRMC Chair Lloyd Axworthy IN CONVERSATION WITH Peace Magazine

Peace Magazine‘s Metta Spencer spoke with Lloyd Axworthy about his role as chair of the World Refugee & Migration Council. The following is an excerpt. METTA SPENCER: Did I read that there are 80 million people who’ve had to flee? LLOYD AXWORTHY: Actually, the latest numbers are 82 million. That’s the UN count, not including […]

WRMC In the media

The World Refugee & Migration Council seeks to have an active voice in the media. Here you will find a collection of articles where the WRMC has been in the news. WRMC member Marwan Muasher, Vice President for Studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace discusses the possible impact of a Biden administration on […]